Enjoy your meals with this healthy diet plan

Enjoy your meals with this healthy diet plan

Saints & Slimmers is a healthy and delicious diet plan that has taught me that my body doesn't need as much food as I was putting into it before. 

I didn't need three big meals and a few snacks to keep my energy levels going and my hunger pangs at bay. It proved to me that eating a small meal in the evening was more than sufficient and if I kept my mind busy I wouldn't feel the need to have biscuits and tea in the evenings, or any snacks for that matter. 

I've done the diet for two weeks and can already feel the difference in my clothes, my weight and my eating habits. I lost a total of 9lbs in the first two weeks, that I know is a lot of weight. I know that the pounds will start to slowly go know becuase when you first begin a diet you body is shocked into it and you lose more weight in the first few weeks. 

Losing weight too quickly and then reverting back to your old lifestyle will only ensure that you put the weight on more quickly than if you lost the weight over a steady period. 

With the Saints & Slimmers plan my diet consisted of a milkshake, porridge or meal bar for breakfast or lunch, a healthy, filling meal in the evening and then a choice of one of the snacks  (options include chocolate flavoured bars, raisins and pretzels). I would then add a portion of fruit as well. I found that I was consuming on average 1300 calories on a day-to-day basis. 

This diet plan is perfect to kick start your weight loss and introduce you to a new way of eating. 

It's great for people who struggle for time to prepare foods and who have to find the time to eat on the go. It's easy enough to snack on a meal replacement bar at lunch or drink your milkshake on the way to work. 

Or if you prefer to cook your own meals or would like to start trying you can just use the recipes that are offered to you when you sign up to Saints & Slimmers - registration is free. 

The cookie dough flavour bar is a favourite of mine to snack and the chilli con carne is a lovely meal for the evening - with bags of flavour you'd find it hard to believe it was a diet meal. 

Charlotte Mullins, the nutritionist behind Saints & Slimmers, says: “Saints & Slimmers is a sensible diet plan that provides healthy recipes and tasty meal replacement products that are scientifically proven to help people lose weight. Key products contain active ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine and are enhanced with protein and fibre meaning that followers stay fuller for longer and don’t have the excessive food cravings which so often see us heading for the biscuit tin.”  

“As well as ready meals, we’ve also developed a huge range of recipes meaning followers can still cook meals at home with friends and family. Saints & Slimmers is a realistic and flexible weight loss plan that’s designed to fit in with your everyday life.”

To get started simply log on to www.saintsandslimmers.com

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