What exercise do you partake in?

What exercise do you partake in?

In order to help stave off the growing number of obesity, the government has issued a recommended level of activity that we all need to take part in, yet only 39% of Brits are exercise three times a week or more. 

A survey of 1,841 members of the public, commissioned by sport and fitness equipment retailer www.Sweatband.com, has found that the majority of Brits shy away from exercise entirely.

Despite the fact just two fifths of people said they exercised at all, the vast majority of respondents, 87%, said they were unhappy with their physique; whilst three quarters, 74%, said they would like to improve their fitness.

However, when those who claimed they did exercise were asked what forms they most commonly took part in, the most popular answers were as follows:

  • Sex – 55%
  • Running (inc. treadmill) – 52%
  • Cycling (inc. exercise bike) – 41%
  • Swimming – 26%
  • Weight training – 22%
  • Circuits – 17%
  • Aerobics – 11%
  • Power walking – 6%
  • Yoga – 5%
  • Other – 4%

Furthermore, 19% of respondents said ‘sex’ was actually the only form of exercise they got each week.

Maz Darvish, CEO of Sweatband.com had the following to say,

“It’s disheartening to see so few people taking their health and fitness seriously, with just two fifths of people exercising at all in any given week. It seems that although the majority of people want to be healthier and have better physiques, just a small number are willing to put the effort in to achieve this.

“With regards to the respondents that said sex was the only form of exercise they got each week, I’d say it was a start but that having seen statistics from other surveys over the years, they might want to try exercising for longer durations to reach their health and fitness goals.”

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