Try snacking on almonds and feel the difference it makes to your health

Try snacking on almonds and feel the difference it makes to your health

As the recently launched, Snack Happy challenge continues to gain momentum, superstar DJ, presenter and super mum, Zoe Ball has picked up the gauntlet and signed on to take the 21 day challenge in a bid to form a healthier snacking habit.

Created by California Almonds and select experts, Zoe follows in the footsteps of hundreds of women up and down the country who are swapping one of their daily snacks for a handful of almonds, the perfect on the go snack to keep you going strong whatever your day may bring.

The challenge has been developed with the help of nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, personal trainer Bridget Hunt and psychologist Anjula Mutanda and aims to introduce a little crunch power into the lives of busy women.

Zoe comments: “As I’ve got older I’ve found that what I eat hugely affects my  day-to-day life and of course eating things that are good for  me means I look and feel better!  I started snacking on almonds after my trainer recommended eating a handful a day, , because they are a natural source of protein and fibre, they keep me feeling full and help me get through any busy day. Eating a handful every day for 21 days has definitely made me feel better inside and out. Ultra-nutritious almonds are tasty and satisfying; it’s the ideal guilt-free snack.”

So why do it? Packed full of natural goodness almonds are high in nine essential nutrients including vitamin E and calcium, plus gram for gram they have the most fibre, protein, vitamin E, calcium, riboflavin and niacin of any tree nut.

Not only that, a new study from Leatherhead Food Research has found that when women ate almonds as a mid-morning snack they actually ate less at their next meal (compared to when they didn’t snack). They also had significant reductions in cravings for salty and fatty foods at their next meal(s), indicating potentially healthier food selections at these meals.

And to get you on your way, busy working mum of two Zoe reveals her top four tips on how easy it is to fit naturally delicious almonds into your lifestyle:

Steer clear of fad diets

Fix your frame of mind. Health eating is very important to me but I’m not a fan of juice diets, I need food I can really get my teeth stuck into. Start with a small change, like snacking on almonds. It’s the ideal snack for me as I find crunching my way through them therapeutic!

Never get caught short

Be prepared. I’m a bit of a shopaholic and often find myself popping into a shop to treat myself to a new sparkly dress or shoes - especially when it's Strictly Come Dancing time. When I’m rushing around I often get peckish so I always carry a handful of almonds, a natural source of protein and fibre, in a little tin in my jacket pocket to quickly nibble on whilst I’m on-the-go.

Keeping my energy levels up...all day

I know I’m a very energetic person, some may even say hyperactive. When I’m filming I’m constantly tempted by sugary snacks on set which give me a real intense sugar rush followed by an energy crash, so I try to avoid them. Almonds are a great alternative as they help to sustain my energy levels all afternoon.

Snack happy! Everything in moderation

I try to eat healthily as well as exercise to keep in shape; I eat a lot of meat, greens and fish. However, I always make sure I have the occasional treat so won’t say no to a piece of cake when I’m out for coffee with my friends!

Inspired to give it a go? To sign up to the Snack Happy Challenge simply visit and we’ll send you a challenge starter pack. Keep us updated with your progress on twitter using #snackhappy.

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