Is stress taking over your life?

Is stress taking over your life?

Most people claim to suffer from stress or anxiety, but do you ever stop to think that you might be making things worse for yourself?

Author, Frances Ive, contends that we often don't help ourselves for a range of reasons - perfectionism, guilt, entrenched beliefs, an inability to say no, and a need to keep helping others.

Frances Ive’s informative book, Stress- The Essential Guide, has just been revised, and published by Need2Know Books.  It tackles this issue head on – whether your stress is at home or at work.

There is a new chapter entitled Stress at Work in the revised edition. Every year over 13 million working days are lost in theUKdue to stress and stress-related symptoms, and experts believe it affects everyone at least every two weeks. Instead of letting the stress take over, there are positive steps you can take to minimise its detrimental effects. 

The author is founder of the website Healthy Soul which specialises in helping people take responsibility for their own wellbeing. She says: ‘Although people are a lot more open about talking about how they feel than they were 50 years ago, there is immense pressure to be superhuman and cope with everything life throws at you.

‘Everyone suffers with some form of stress at least once in his or her life; it’s a natural part of life. The important thing is knowing what to do about it when it happens. This essential guide gives you that knowledge in an easily digestible format so action can be taken and control regained.’

Whether it’s your life that’s spiralling out of control, or you want to support someone close to you, this book is here to help. Even when you are experiencing the worst possible time in your life, having the tools to cope can help you to recover.

Published by Need2Know – the imprint of People’s Publisher Forward Press that focuses on overcoming real life problems - Stress- The Essential Guide is the fourteenth title in the Need2Know series, and is already available from the Need2Know website ( or by calling 01733 898103 or emailing [email protected]

Also available from Amazon and bookshops.

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