Are you getting the most out of your workout?

Are you getting the most out of your workout?

Millions of us could be spending hours of our precious time sticking to lengthy exercise routines when all we need to do is short bursts of activity each day.

A scientific study from Boston University published this month found doing ten minute bursts of exercise each day was as beneficial as hours in the gym and what’s more, things such as gardening, fishing, shovelling and even taking the stairs instead of the lift may count towards the quota.

And the study is likely to be music to the ears of gym goers, with new research released today showing that close to two thirds of people admit they are wasting money on a gym membership and not getting much out of it.

Listen to the podcast below where fitness journalist Julia Buckley discusses the best fitness workout for you.

The research also indicated that one in six say that’s because they don’t seem to get any fitter, almost three quarters say they don’t go often enough and a third say they don’t work out long enough.

The survey by Kettler Fitness shows that gym-goers spend two hours exercising in the gym per week; however they admit they only really work out for 70% of that time.

Almost 60% said they don’t really do an extensive workout every time they go to the gym, while close to 30% say they don’t even break into a sweat.

More than a fifth say they spend more time in the hot tub and the sauna than they do in any other part of the gym, while more than half are too embarrassed or too self-conscious to try their hardest at the gym.

More than a third of women wear makeup to the gym and over 40% of them are worried about their make-up smearing while they’re in the gym.

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