Sometimes your lifestyle can change when you're in a relationship

Sometimes your lifestyle can change when you're in a relationship

No longer under the pressue or dating and being single, a settled relationship often leads to quiet nights in with a takeaway or romantic meals at fancy restaraunts, neither which are good for our waistlines.

Women complain of putting on weight when they get a boyfriend, or get married, and therefore feel happy with their life.

Feeling content with yourself because you've found somebody who's content with you is wonderful, but apparantly our thighs don't think so. Before long, we can guarantee the phrase "happy weight", won't be the exact way to describe how you feel.

We've come up with ways to curb the over-indulging and excess going out and, although honesty is the best policy, if you're not quite ready to break down to your new boyfriend about not being able to do up the button on your favourite jeans, you can do these on the down low and keep it our little secret. 

Step 1. Luckily (or sometimes not) for all us calorie counters, most fast food places and some restaraunts now have the number of calories in a meal right next to the price. This means you can add up how many calories you're consuming, we're not suggesting dieting, but next time try swapping your chips for a jacket potato. Easy.

Step 2. The devil of all cosy nights in, takeaways. If you're planning a night in at the weekend, get hold of a healthy recipe or any recipe at all and suggest cooking. If you're feeling brave, suprise your loved one by cooking for them, and if not, get them to help you in the kitchen and if all goes well make it a regular thing.

Step 3. Get active and share exercise. If the weather isn't too miserable, suggest going for a nice long walk somewhere you can go for the day and pack a healthy picnic. Or try something fun like ice-skating or going for a bike-ride. If you're happy to tell your partner you're worried about putting a few pounds on, ask if they'd like to join the gym and go together. We're not saying be that couple who are attached at the hip, but supporting each other while trying to get fit can give you another thing in common and bring you close together.

Step 4. If you're out to dinner and would normally have a glass of wine, swap it for a less-calorie vodka and tonic. Especially if you're out socialising a lot, alcohol can be one of the worst culprits for hiding calories.

Step 5. If you're super duper happy and never leave your partner's side, try taking a couple of hours away from him to do something that makes you feel better. If he works and you have time off, go for a quick gym sesh or meet a friend for an aerobics class. There's nothing wrong with feeling a little low with yourself and not wanting your boyfriend to find out.

However you're feeling, your partner's love will be unconditional and won't change with your dress size. But, you owe it to yourself to look and feel your best and if you don't, then only you can change that!


Alexandra Baracskai