Try and find ways to lose weight whilst sat at your disk

Try and find ways to lose weight whilst sat at your disk

Working in an office there is plenty of temptation to pick at snacks and the morning and afternoon coffee breaks are usually accompanied by something sweet. 

So it comes to no surprise that a new study by Wonderful Pistachios has revealed that women will put on almost a stone in the first year of working an office, with the average weight gain being 11lbs.

Two thirds of women go to work with good intentions, only to succumb to the office vending machine or temptations provided by colleagues.  In fact, most women don’t even make it an hour before tucking into their first snack, with 9.58 am being the time that most workers cave in.

Less than two per cent of women succeed in their aim of only eating healthy snacks every week.  In fact, four in ten women say they indulge in at least two unhealthy snacking sessions every working day.

The combination of eating two or more main meals at desks, boredom, lack of healthy snack options and a food obsessed office culture all contribute to this weight gain.

One in six women say their co-workers seem to talk about food all the time, with the average experiencing more than 23 minutes of food-related chatter each and every day.  Good intentions are further compounded by colleagues with almost a fifth admitting to buying treats to gain popularity with their boss or colleagues.

However, just under half of all female workers say that snacking cheers up their day with one in seven saying that it is the absolute highlight of the working day.   And, a snacking boost proves essential to six in ten workers who claim it helps productivity.

Frederik Noben, brand manager at Wonderful Pistachios says: “Snacking will always be a part of office life and the results reinforce just how much we rely on snacks to keep us going.

“But being prepared for the 10am craving and beyond with healthy snacks brought in from home will help keep those unwelcome pounds at bay.”

For people looking for a tasty healthy snack, Wonderful Pistachios are a great option.  A 30-gram serving contains 160 calories and provides a variety of different vitamins and minerals.

What’s more, the empty shells act as a reminder of how many we have already eaten acting as a visual cue to stop overeating.

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