Try yoga and feel the benefits all over your body

Try yoga and feel the benefits all over your body

Yoga is great for toning the body and releasing stress. It can be used for a whole body workout or a simple meditation.

Have you ever tried it?

Rita Chohan from the London studio Yoganesh shares her top five tips for practising yoga.

Now you have no excuse to get involved.


Try not to eat or drink anything for at least two hours before practising as you will be more comfortable moving and twisting your body on an empty stomach. If you are hungry eat something light such as a banana or fruit bar and drink a little lukewarm water.


Wear something comfortable. You will be most comfortable in something that enables you to move freely. Ladies, this also includes comfy underwear such as soft supportive bras instead of under–wired ones which can be uncomfortable in certain positions.


Yoga is not a competitive sport but sometimes we feel like we have to keep up with others in the class. Try not to get caught up in this string of thought, and rest when you need to rest. With continued practice your stamina, strength and flexibility will improve. You will feel less likely to continue if you come out of the class feeling completely shattered. After a few classes you will begin to feel energised, uplifted and revitalised.


During your practice, keep an eye on how you are breathing. If your breath becomes forced or you feel over–exerted focus on long, deep, even breaths. This will ensure your muscles get enough oxygen helping to avoid fatigue, as well as keeping your cardiovascular system healthy.


Lastly, if you have any previous or existing injuries or ailments, or think you may be pregnant inform your teacher who will be able to advise you on any modifications that you will need during the class.

These tips come from Yakult's Little Book of Fitness for further information visit 

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