Insulate your loft and save money

Insulate your loft and save money

UK households are missing an opportunity to save money on their fuel bills by failing to top up their loft insulation because they believe it will limit storage space, according to new research. 

The study, from, found that more than a third of UK households think that loft insulation will mean their is less room to store belongings. 

With the average home losing up to 25 per cent of its heat through an un-insulated roof, clearing out unwanted goods in your loft and insulating can be an easy money making task. 

An empty loft insulated to a depth of 270mm or more prevents heat from escaping and can reduce energy bills by as much as £175 per year, whilst instantly boosting a property’s energy efficiency rating. Installing your own loft insulation is a simple job which can be completed in less than a day, and if you do it yourself it will only cost from £50 - £350 depending on the size of your loft.

Lydia Sharples, from comments: “Clearing out and insulating a loft can be an ideal job for the bank holiday weekend – if you can, pick a dry day when you can empty the contents of your loft outside while you lay the insulation to save you cluttering up the house with dusty boxes.”

She continues: “To help with the hassle of disposing unwanted items you will find there are many companies that offer a simple, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution. Any Junk is the UK’s largest junk removal company and they charge according to the amount of junk cleared, so you only pay for the size of container used.

“Another interesting way to get rid of your unwanted goods is by posting them free-of-charge to Freecycle, an organisation that allows people to connect online and donate to people in their region. The scheme aims to reduce consumerism by lowering manufacturing costs and encourage junk clearing with community involvement.”

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