You don't think about food waste when preparing or eating a meal

You don't think about food waste when preparing or eating a meal

Binning the leftovers of your tea doesn't seem like it's doing any damage, whereas infact, collectively as a country, we're wasting A LOT of food.

In October a campaign was launched to tackle food waste in London restaurants. "Too good to waste" aims to raise consumer and industry awareness of how much food is wasted through the preparation of food and throwing away of what's left on the plate.

Instead of binning, the campaign encourages diners to have what's left-over of their meal boxed up and taken home in a doggy bag.

But how would you feel about asking for your leftovers to be packaged up and taken home? Some restaurants do ask and give you the option of a doggy bag but most do not and for some reason it's still taboo for the customer to ask first.

"Love food hate waste" have an excellent tool on their website, a "perfect portion planner" which measures how much of each food you should be cooking per meal.

For example, if you tap in that you're cooking pasta for 4 people, it calculates that you should be cooking 400g. Not only does this tool keep you healthy by keeping your portions in check, it ensures food isn't being thrown away and wasted!

There are loads of tips and recipes online about what you can do with leftover food instead of chucking it away.


Alexandra Baracskai

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