During the current heat wave it is extremely important that all animals are kept cool to prevent discomfort and serious health problems.

Make sure your dog is cared for properly in the heat

Make sure your dog is cared for properly in the heat

Antoine Chabassol at Pawsomebox, a gift box subscription service for dogs, provides some top tips on how to make sure your pets stay safe in the summer months.

"When leaving your pets at home for the day please leave out a substantial number of water bowls on the floor to make sure your furry friend has a refreshing drink.

"If you're going out with your pet in tow, take portable water bowls and bottles of water with you to ensure that you can give them regular drinks. We have included these in our boxes before and find they are very popular with our customers due to their useful functionality.

"If you have a dog, don't choose to walk them in the midday sun, take them out early morning or late evening as pavements can get very hot during the day which can be painful for animals to walk on.

"For pets that are kept in a cage, ensure that they have plenty of water and shade and be extra vigilant at keeping their environment clean as the warmer weather increases the risk of potentially fatal health conditions.

"Finally, never ever leave your pet in a car as the risk of heat stroke is extremely high and can have devastating consequences."

Animal box, Europe's leading pet goodie box provider is launching Pawsomebox for dogs in the UK along with Purrfectbox for cats. The monthly boxes will contain a selection of high-quality treats, toys and accessories that are tailored to your pet's size, age, fur type, and breed.

Items in the boxes are a surprise, but always include useful accessories and hygiene products such as portable water dishes, ear cleanser and dental care spray plus tasty treats, and unique toys that provide hours of entertainment.

Both boxes offer plans that start from as low as £15.90 per month and includes free home delivery. Monthly, quarterly and annual subscription options are available and all new customers are currently eligible for a free trial box.

Animal box is passionate about pet care and regularly supports charities to ensure that it is continuing to help improve animal welfare.

To order your Purrfectbox for your feline friend please visit https://purrfect-box.co.uk. Alternatively, if you are looking to treat your pooch please visit https://pawsomebox.co.uk/.

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