Eukanuba Discover Dogs hosts event to tackle the problem of buying pups on a whim. Dog lovers gathered at the Kennel Club for a speed-dating pop-up to find their perfect puppy match, after research showed too many people are buying dogs on a whim or because of the way they look.

Always see the puppy with its mother

Always see the puppy with its mother

Given a three-minute window with each pup and their breeder, the event provided the perfect showcase of the variety of pedigree dog breeds available and highlighted the importance of finding the suitable canine companion.

Pet owners, journalists and pooch fans wined and dined with ten of Britain's favourite breeds including Cocker Spaniel puppies, smooth-coated Chihuahuas and the loveable Golden Retriever.

Unfortunately too many people buy a dog on a whim, as shocking Kennel Club research reveals more than one in 10 get a dog as a spur of the moment decision, with one percent buying a puppy because it's fashionable. Sadly when choosing a breed, nearly a quarter of pet owners based their decision on how the dog looked, and some even admitted they chose their pup based on their favourite celebrity's dog. Discover Dogs hosted a puppy speed dating pop up in London, to give people to find their perfect pooch.

With three minutes-a-puppy, the dating allowed the opportunity to meet some of Britain's most popular and Britain's most vulnerable breeds, learning first-hand from breeders the pros and cons of taking on a dog.

Caroline Kisko, from the Kennel Club, said: "It is so important we educate people about the importance of choosing the right breed of dog, and ensure people are getting dogs for the right reasons."

"A good breeder will help you understand the breed and assess your suitability as a potential owner before selling their pups. "The Kennel Club always recommends going to a Kennel Club Assured Breeder who have to follow strict scheme rules that protect their pup's health and welfare.

"It is essential when taking on a puppy, you learn the likely characteristics of your chosen breed. With pedigree dogs you can predict how big your dog will grow, its exercise and grooming needs, as well as important tests your breeder should have carried out for its health."

Top three tips when buying a puppy

- Always go to a reliable and reputable breeder, such as a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, who are committed to carrying out the relevant health tests for the breed

- Always see the puppy with its mother and in its breeding environment, make sure you ask to look at the kennelling conditions and if you suspect the conditions are not right, then do not buy the puppy.

- Do your research -Understanding the breed you are buying is essential. There are 215 different breeds recognised by the Kennel Club in the UK. If you match these characteristics with your personality and lifestyle, it is more likely that you will have a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog. Make sure to do your research before making a lifelong commitment.

In the UK the most popular dog in the Labrador Retriever with the most vulnerable breeds being native ones, such as Manchester Terriers and Smooth Collies.

Speaking after the exclusive preview yesterday, Caroline added: "Today we were able to give a taster of different breeds, show the puppy and what it would look like as it gets older, in our speed dating challenge.

If people wish to learn more about dogs they should come along to the Discover Dogs show."

The preview, which took place at the Kennel Club in Green Park, London, was a taster for this year's family event Eukanuba Discover Dogs, on October 17th and 18th at ExCel Exhibition Centre.Last year over 34,000 dog lovers attended Discovered Dogs with more than 90 per cent of visitors ranking it the go-to event of the year. To discover which dogs make you smile please try the link below and discover the right breed for you and visit for more information about buying a dog and the event.

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