New research has revealed the hipster beard is not just a trend, it's the sign of a successful modern man.

The typical bearded man

The typical bearded man

A study of more than 2,000 British men with beards suggests that the look is more than a quick fad and is the hallmark of a confident, successful and professional man.

Commissioned men's grooming brand Percy Nobleman, to celebrate their launch into high street retailer Boots, 'The Great British Beard Report' revealed that the average age of a man with a beard is 34 - step forward handsome actors Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake and Tom Hiddleston - who all have pretty impressive facial hair.

The Behaviour Expert Jez Rose, one of the UK's leading behavioural commentators said: ''A well groomed beard demonstrates effort and care taken in your appearance, which in turn can enhance your perceived level of authority. It's likely to have been accepted by historically safe industries such as finance and IT because of its popularity - it is a much more corporately accepted look, very modern and smart, especially when paired with a suit.''

Percy Nobleman's range of beard care products including oils, balms and washes launches in Boots and on 19 October.