Amanda Seyfried has been chosen to front the campaign

Amanda Seyfried has been chosen to front the campaign

Amanda Seyfried has put her face to a new anti-ageing product but the chances are you're not even going to consider buying it.

The limited edition face cream by Cle de peau Beaute will set you back a staggering $13,213.

Oh, and that's just for 50g.

The cream claims to lift and tighten the skin through powerful anti-ageing properties.

Amanda Seyfriend is fronting the campaign promoting the rare product.

On selecting the actress as it's global face, the company stated on its website:

"As the exciting embodiement of luminous sophistication and natural radiance, Amanda Seyfried captures the very essence of Cle de peau Beaute.

"She is pure of heart, vibrantly alive, and brings joy to the lives of others. "

Just three jars of La Creme, created to mark the 30th anniversary of Cle de peau Beaute, which is a beauty line withing the Shiseido group, will go on sale in September in Tokoyo, Japan.

Each jar has been handcrafted and features 30 layers of crystal designed by the French glass maker Crystal Saint-Louis.

The jar also features three platimum rungs.

Megumi Kinikawa, a spokesmas for Cle de peau Beaute, said releasing the product is a rare initiative by the company.

"We do not usually make limited editons of our products," she tols The Telegraph. "We hope it will appeal to our loyal customers and people who are interested in gorgeous brands."

Well, you'd have to be to pay that much for it.

The company will start taking orders for the cream on August 30.

Will you be putting that date in your diary?

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