Our skin needs a little extra TLC during the colder months

Our skin needs a little extra TLC during the colder months

Lee Garrett shares his expert knowledge and handy tips on how to take care of our skin during the winter months and how to make sure we look our best during the party season. 

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We're here in winter now, what should we doing different to our skin during these months?

In the winter, our skin is prone to becoming dry, flaky and even cracking.To protect your skin against this, I would recommend adapting your beauty regime to include products which are suitable for protecting your skin against the winter weather conditions. For example, you should use products that boost the hydration of your skin.

All skins are different and respond to different products so I recommend visiting your department store to have a consultation at their cosmetics counter. They will provide you with free advice and will help you to select products which will suit your skin and provide it with effective protection against the weather.

Secondly, it sounds strange but I would advise people not to stay in the bath or shower too long during the winter months. When it’s cold, it is tempting to warm up by enjoying a long hot soak in the bath. However, this can cause the skin’s natural defences against the cold to become damaged.

The reason for this is that, the skin has a natural, protective outer layer which protects it from the outside elements. This is formed of dead keratinised skin cells which are naturally moisturised by  lipids/oils (also known as fats). This layer is easily damaged by changes in humidity and temperature. Therefore, when your skin goes from being in a cold room to being in a steamy bath of water, the protective layer is damaged, becomes dehydrated and this leaves your skin drier, flakier and more prone to damage or irritation.

I would also recommend applying an essential product that contains Hyaluronic Acid ingredients to your skin. This should be applied after bathing and immediately after soaking and drying. It will rehydrate your skin and help to restore some of the moisture loss. Alternatively, try to use products containing moisture rich ceramides in the ingredients.

Why is important that we change our beauty routine in the winter months?

- In winter, environmental humidity becomes low and this can cause the skin to become dry and dehydrated. In addition, we tend not to drink as much water because it’s cold and also turn up the central heating.  All of these factors and many more extract the moisture out of our skin. This, along with the winter weather, dries out your skin, causing it to become dryer, flakier and more easily irritated. This is something that none of us want so we need to adapt our beauty regimes to protect our skin from the changes in environmental conditions. You wouldn’t wear your bikini in the snow so why would you use the skincare products that you used in the summer and expect them to provide the same protection for your skin against the winter weather?

What products would you recommend for the winter?

In the winter chapped lips can also become a problem. Not only do they look awful but they can be painful too. I would recommend investing in a high quality vitamin E based lip balm. This will act as a protective barrier for your lips against the cold and will also smooth and moisturize your lips. Remember... prevention is better than cure! Apply the lip balm before you go out into the cold winter air, several times during the day and last thing at night.

Secondly, instead of using a gel cleanser or toner, you could use a hydrating soothing moisturiser to boost the skin’s moisture level. This will boost the skin’s moisture level, and will provide an instant quick-fix for people with de-hydrated skin.

Applying more products can sometimes lead to build-ups which leads to breakouts, how can we counteract this?

It’s important not to overload your skin with products and to exfoliate regularly. Washing your face with soapy water and gently towel drying it is a simple but very effective way of keeping your skin clear and can be easily included in your daily routine.

For an instant hydration boost, what product or tip would you recommend?

Firstly, it is important to remember that the best, and cheapest, way to prevent dry skin is to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out by drinking lots of water. You should also try to avoid drinking white wine as this will dry your skin. By making small changes, you can ensure that your skin is hydrated and nourished and looking great so that any additional products are just a bonus.

However, for an instant hydration boost, you could use a hydrating soothing moisturiser instead of using a gel cleanser or toner. This will boost the skin’s moisture level, and will provide an instant quick-fix for people with de-hydrated skin.

For those looking for something more luxurious, I would recommend treating yourself to a facial. A particularly good one would be DermaFrac with combined microdermabrasion. This will help to remove dead skin cells and the infusion of Hyaluronic acid or Peptides will help to replace moisture and will defiantly boost hydration.  In addition, if you suffer from particularly thin skin, you could benefit from receiving a clinic only range of Vitamin C. 

What tips do you have to make sure our skin is glowing for the party season?

The most obvious tip is don’t overdo the partying  and always drink lots of water especially after the office party.

You may not realise it but the reason your skin may be looking tired and dull is because your skin is actually shedding. cells. The process takes about six weeks.  So my solution is to speed up the process by using products containing glycolic acid or retinol. But be warned: if you are pregnant or trying for a baby then retinol is a big No No.

But if your skin really is looking Dull….come and see me! I’ll give you a chemical peel called Radiance. The result is all in the name girls. It doesn’t hurt… it doesn’t take long. And you can have the peel and still go out the same night and still look radiant!

How can we reduce a spot in a few hours ready for the party that night?

It’s a common problem especially if we are tired and a bit rundown. Never, EVER, pick it, or squeeze it, because that will make it even worse!  Dab some Aknicare skin roller let dry and repeat repeat process 4 times in 10 minutes and then every two hours, which you can buy from our us online, Then apply a cover up, preferably one that neutralises red, which would be one with a green base, (Aknicare Fluid Powders) and when you get back at night cleanse your face properly.

You've worked with countless celebrities, any tips that you've given them that you can share with us?

I ask my celebs to commit to a year with me to enable me to give them a flawless complexion. When they ask me why I show them copies of  Closer or Grazia, for instance, where an actress is pictured with  tonnes of  high definition makeup. She looks great. But you’ve seen the other photos when, oh my god, the  celeb has been captured on camera without a spot of make-up and their skin looks terrible. It’s why I tell them  to be absolutely disciplined and follow the four or sometimes five stage cleansing procedure morning and night with the products I recommend which vary for the different celebrities. I also put them on a course of chemical peels,  and repeat this twice in the first year.  My other advice is to ensure you get a good look at the face of the cosmetic practitioner you choose. Their skin should be an advert for their expertise. If they’ve got bad skin (like some I could mention) give them a miss otherwise you might end  up looking like Scary Mary. 

What are your ultimate skincare tips?

A good skincare regime doesn’t always need to be expensive. Yes, it’s lovely to treat your skin to a luxurious product or treatment but there are some fabulous, inexpensive beauty tips that can help you to achieve healthy, nourished and revitalised skin.

I would definitely recommend washing your face daily with soap and water.

It sounds simple but, because of this, it is something which is often overlooked. Washing your face with soap and water not only acts as an exfoliator for your skin – removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, but it also helps to rehydrate your skin. This is something which cannot be successfully achieved by using cleansers and cleansing wipes alone.

I would also recommend using Vaseline to protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. Vaseline is an absolute gem. It provides important protection to your lips and can reduce the moisture that is lost as a result of using lip gloss alone, leaving luscious, kissable lips. A good Vaseline is not just great for your lips, it can also be applied to patches of dry skin to protect them from further dryness and help to re-hydrate the area. This added moisture will help to reduce the dryness of the skin.

I would recommend applying a good SPF to your skin throughout the year. Just because the summer sunshine has gone, that doesn’t mean that you should stop applying your SPF. SPF is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer as it also provides important protection against the cold winds and UVB rays and will help to protect your skin against skin-damage and visible signs of aging.

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