It's time for women to start hiding their beauty products apparently

It's time for women to start hiding their beauty products apparently

It is no secret that men’s beauty habits are becoming increasingly metrosexual - and a new survey has revealed that over a third of men are going one step further by incorporating female beauty products into their grooming regime.

The poll found that a surprising 34 per cent of men use their partners’ beauty products, indicating they are no longer content with their own products and so are looking to women’s beauty collections.

In fact, a small number of men, 6 per cent of those surveyed, enjoy female products so much they use their partners’ beauty products as frequently as the girls do. Furthermore, not only are men increasingly using their partners’ products but are also taking as long to get ready, with over 25 per cent of men spending the same time or longer as their partner in the bathroom.

The survey was conducted by, founder Rakesh Aggarwal said:  “The results are in line with the trend towards metrosexual grooming habits that we have seen in recent years. Men are definitely more aware of how to look after their skin and appearance than they were even five years ago”

“Women aren’t the only ones that want to copy their favorite celebrities - with men like Matthew McConaughy, Josh Hartnett and Justin Timberlake having fronted male beauty campaigns, men are feeling the pressure to look groomed and it is now acceptable to admit to making an effort to look good”

It appears that taking care of body hair is high on the list of male grooming priorities, as it was found that nearly 30 per cent of men shave or wax their body hair and almost 20 per cent pluck their eyebrows.

However it seems men are not yet ready to embrace the metrosexual look wholeheartedly and are more reluctant to use makeup products, with only 11 per cent of men using concealer, 10 per cent using fake tan and a tiny 1 per cent of men using foundation.

Indeed many male celebrities have spoken of their metrosexual beauty habits, with Peter Andre revealing he uses anti-ageing serum and fake tan and Mark Wright admitting he was nervous to live without his hair products and moisturiser before he going into the jungle.

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