A simple stunning hair do we can all try

A simple stunning hair do we can all try

John Frieda is a world renowned hairdresser working on the hair of Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow, so we know that he only employs the best staff.

We caught up with his senior stylist Jake Davis, who has a passion and commitment to creativity that hasensured his status within the hairdressing industry. 

He shares his knowledge of hair with us:

What's your favourite hairstyle for the party season? Any tips on how we can achieve this?

 I think lots of volume instantly adds glamour to an evening style, luxurious waves are definitely a must on longer hair. A slicked back neat little chignon also gives an air of sophistication. I think the clothes you are going to wear to a party should definitely determine the type of style you are going to wear – if you have a high neck line go for a hair up, or if you have more of a plunging neckline then you can go for a softer, looser look.

What do you prefer, women with their hair up or down?

I don't have a preference - it's more about what suits the individual, for example what their face shape is, and what works with what they’re wearing.

What's been your favourite hair trend of the year?

My favourite look at the moment is the 70’s glamour look that we are seeing a lot of. Add a low parting to give your look a bit of a retro feel – the look is relaxed glamour. To get this look, apply lots of John Frieda® Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse to wet hair – mousse is great to instantly add texture to your style. Blow-dry the mousse into your hair using just your fingers, so that you are keeping in lots of the natural movement and body. Once your hair is totally dry use a large curling iron. The barrel should be approximately 1inch, and you need to tong the lengths of the hair. Brush through with a Mason and Pearson natural bristle brush to create an ultra shiny glamorous finish. Spritz with John Frieda® Luxurious Volume Thickening Hairspray to keep your look locked in for the evening.

What new hair trends can we expect in the New Year?

I think the trends for 2012 are about wearable hair and looks that women can achieve themselves at home - so lots of soft tousled, beachy waves and low ponytails.

Watch him do a 50s 'do in the video below, there are more available on the newly launched John Frieda Youtube channel.

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