Are you ready for your bikini?

Are you ready for your bikini?

Crystal clear water, the sun is shining and we're topping up the tan - sounds like perfection, doesn't it? But new research reveals that we're willing to give all of that up if we're not beach-ready.

A new study has indicated that 45 per cent of Brits would rather stay at home than go on a beach holiday without thorough preparation to ensure they were body-beautiful.

A further third of women polled say their holiday would be ruined if they felt they hadn't spent enough time on their beauty regime before hitting the beach.

The survey, commissioned by TV and online retailer QVC to celebrate its June Beauty Month, quizzed 2,000 British adults on their summer Beauty habits and revealed that they spend up to three working days preparing their bodies for a beach holiday and that nearly half of the women simply wouldn't step onto the beach without wearing make-up.

Sandra Houghton, Senior Beauty Buyer at QVC comments:
"Hitting the beach is understandably a time when everyone wants to look and feel their best so preparing to bare is vital - from losing those last few pounds to dealing with unwanted hair. Self tanning is always a popular choice and leaves holidaymakers more relaxed and comfortable in their skin on the beach."

It's not just girls feeling the pressure, one in ten men admits to investing in a self tanning treatment before hitting the beach. A further six per cent of men say that they would make sure their feet look tip top by investing in a pedicure for their beach holiday, and two per cent even admit to getting eyelash extensions before jetting off.

The top ten pre-holiday beauty treatments that Brits invest in to ensure they look their best on the beach:

1. Haircut (67 per cent)
2. Waxing (35 per cent)
3. Manicure (27 per cent)
4. Pedicure (26 per cent)
5. Hair highlights (26 per cent)
6. Hair conditioning treatments (23 per cent) 7. Self tan treatments (20 per cent) 8. Eyelash tinting (9 per cent) 9. Personal training (6 per cent) 10. Eyelash extensions (3 per cent)

1. Haircut (51 per cent)
2. Personal training (14 per cent)
3. Self tan treatment (10 per cent)
4. Waxing (8 per cent)
5. Pedicure (6 per cent)
6. Hair conditioning treatments (6 per cent) 7. Manicure (5 per cent) 8. Hair highlights (4 per cent) 9. Eyelash tinting (2 per cent)
10. Eyelash extensions (2 per cent)

Whilst 71 per cent of women admitted to making an effort in preparation for a holiday to keep themselves happy, 37 per cent confessed that it was to impress their partners whilst they were away.

The pressure to look good could be attributed to pictures of celebrities displaying their perfect beach bodies as a quarter of women (24 per cent) admit that pictures of celebrities on the beach inspire them to make an effort with their own appearance.

The top ten celebrities that British women believe look the best on the beach:
1. Kelly Brook 
2. Elle McPherson 
3. Louise Redknapp 
4. Kim Kardashian 
5. Colleen Rooney 
6. Liz Hurley 
7. Cindy Crawford 
8. Kate Hudson 
9. Kate Beckinsale 
10. Abbey Clancy 

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