Men are more interested in their appearance than ever before

Men are more interested in their appearance than ever before

While women still spend considerably more on fashion than men, the male of the species now spends more than ever on male beauty products and razor blades, figures obtained by new research have found.

According to who conducted the survey, the average man is now spending £590 on grooming products every year, much the same that a woman may spend on her beauty products.

"It's a big change," said Zach Hanauer Sales Director at, "Men are taking their looks far more seriously these days, and there's a clear growing market for male grooming products."

The survey results also showed that men were spending more than ever on hair gel, aftershave, moisturiser, shower gel and deodorant. Figures showed that 86% of men used moisturiser on a regular basis; while 78% said they would use a dye if they saw grey hairs. Nearly all men questioned – 95% - said they had researched which grooming products they were going to buy before making a purchase.

"One thing that's clear," said Zach, "Is that men no longer rely on birthdays and Christmas for their aftershave. They're over the embarrassment factor of buying their own top quality grooming products, and spending their own money on their personal image.

The most expensive ongoing cost for male grooming was razor blades. The average (clean-shaven) UK working male shaves three times a week with a shaving cartridge that's good for five decent shaves. That means, on current High Street prices for the current market leader, he's spending around £95 every year on razor blades and a handle alone.

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