Products for men

Products for men

Do men care more about their appearance rather than ethics? It is clear to see that men today will go to any means in order for them to look good rather than being ethical and thinking about the cosmetics they have purchased have been tested on animals.

Dennis McCarthy, 25, Assistant Manager in a Rental Store said:

"Yes I would go to any distance to make myself look beautiful, I would purchase the correct creams, Botox and even consider plastic surgery to help induce my appearance.
"We live in a fickle world where we automatically judge someone on their appearance, when we first meet someone and we don't know the person personally we judge them on their appearance, and for anyone who says that this doesn't happen or we're not that shallow, well this person must be a spiritual believer, hippie, etc.
"They are under the delusion that we live in a harmonised co-existence - We don't. There has been many studies completed that we judge people on their appearance, healthy skin, teeth, bald, etc.
"There are obviously different forms of judging someone to casual observation to extreme vanity!
"I would have no problem spending large sums of money if i knew i was guaranteed a fantastic result or if the product actually done what it said it would do."

It’s doubtful that you'll hear many men asking has this shower gel been tested on animals.  It is clear to see that the times are changing; the truth is that men care almost as much about their appearance and want to look good in front of other people as women do.
The issue of products been tested on animals does really come into their head when about to purchase a product.

Nick Peers, 21, Student:
"I think stores that only shelf non animal tested products are a good job. I am against animals being treated cruelly.  When I am shopping for my cosmetics I don't look at the back of the package to see whether or not it has been tested on animals. I am more concerned about the price of the product rather than it being tested on animals."

The days of men giving themselves a quick shower appear to be over. Today, men pay more attention to their image than ever before. Many salons now have a complete range of male grooming products. They supply men with all the beauty products they need from anti-ageing creams to hair and skin products. The demand for male beauty products has grown over the years.  Surveys show that men between 15 and 24 years of age use the latest cosmetic products, to make them attractive to others. But those aged 35-54 are not generally willing to pay for the products. 

Shane Quinn, 22, part-time sales assistant:
 "To be honest I think nine out of ten people when buying products in a cosmetic store don't think that the product they are buying has been tested on animals or not. I know me personally I don't really care if my deodorant or aftershave has been tested on animals. As long as I get what I need I am happy."
 MaleXtra: Kenneth Thornton

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