Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto wants her own clothing range.

The Gossip singer - who is famed for her plus-sized figure - created a fashion line for British high street store Evans in 2007 but says she would like to design a collection on her terms.

She said: "I wish that there was more control in that line, but there wasn't. It was really fun, but the things that I really wanted couldn't be turned around in time. It was made in India, which caused a lot of conflict for me. I really want to do my own line that's ethically made, and I can do whatever the f**k I want with it. I also want to start an online vintage store, kind of like Re/Dress [Brooklyn's now-closed plus-size boutique]. I want to do a buy-the-outfit function, and I want to show how outfits look on all kinds of different body types, even boys and butches."

Beth also spoke about Karl Lagerfeld's recent comments about Adele, in which he claimed the singer was "a little too fat".

She said: "First of all, Karl Lagerfeld is not even sane. Second of all, he's not the end-all, be-all of what he does. He's really talented, but that doesn't mean he's right. Third, Karl Lagerfeld used to be this really fat, eccentric dude. He always had that fat kid fan with him too. To me, only a person who was fat could get away with saying something like that."