Goat fan Sienna Miller

Goat fan Sienna Miller

Goat are expanding by boosting their online services.

The label - which boasts celebrity fans including Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst - have redesigned their website in order to better service their consumers by allowing them to buy direct.

Founder and creative director Jane Lewis said:

"We have re-designed our website and have launched e-commerce.

"We're already sold at my-wardrobe.com, Matches and Fenwick, but this is the first time we've been able to showcase what we do in our own environment. In the future, I'd like a standalone store, but I think the e-commerce site is the best way of servicing our customers at this point."

Jane believes the label's appeal is down to its shunning of the "theatre" of fashion in favour of timeless, classic pieces.

She told Vogue.co.uk: "We have strong handwriting.

"We aim for each collection to be tight and considered. I'm not interested in the theatre of fashion. This more about creating clothes that are stylish, discreet, versatile, but intelligent too.

"We appeal to women in their twenties to their seventies. It's very broad.

"Our customers are independent and stylish, who use our clothes as springboards. This chic pared-down look - it's an attractive and tempting way of dressing, no matter what age."