Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld believes Alexander Wang is the "best man" for the Balenciaga job.

The Chanel mastermind has backed the New York designer's appointment as the French fashion house's new creative director earlier this week, and insists he is the ideal man to replace Nicolas Ghesquiere because he brings "something completely different" to the company.

He told ModMods: "Considering how hard it is to replace a man such as Nicolas Ghesquiere, the best solution is to choose something completely different.

"As the impression we have had so far is that Mr [Francois-Henri] Pinault very much wants to expand this area of the business, I believe that Alexander Wang is the best man for the job."

The 79-year-old fashion maestro believes Alexander is a "good choice" to help expand the company thanks to his huge contacts book and great personality.

He added: "His fashion is easier, his personality is more open to the world and he has very good contacts. People adore Alexander, I too like him very much and I think he is a good choice in light of the fashion house's future projects.

"Furthermore, his origins will prove to be very helpful in parts of the world where fashion is most important as well as the luxury industry."