Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld hasn't gone to a meeting for 31 years.

The iconic designer - who is the creative director of Chanel and also has his own label - says he has his own way when it comes to business and thinks it would be "unhealthy" for him to take a huge interest into thinking what will sell.

He said: "I've never gone to a meeting in 31 years. [I never think of what will sell either.] No, thank god no. Then it becomes marketing. I hope it will [sell], but I don't formulate - that would be a very unhealthy thing. Fashion is for people to wear. I'm happy that so many people in the world like Chanel."

Karl, 79, admits being a designer for a big fashion house can be hard work but he would never complain about it.

He told WWD: "When you accept the job, you know the conditions. After a certain amount of time, don't start to be the victim. If you want that scale you have to be up to that scale. If you think it's too much, don't accept. I do it because I enjoy it."

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