Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley thinks skinny jeans were designed to make people feel bad about themselves.

The 'Anna Karenina' actress - who has modelled for the likes of Chanel in the past - admits she has been known to wear particularly tight denim in the past, but does not believe they are very good at building self-confidence.

She told W magazine: "I think skinny jeans and micro-miniskirts are very unfriendly. I've been known to wear both but on some days it seems like they were invented to make you feel bad about yourself."

Despite her claims, Keira has previously revealed she has no trouble stripping naked if a film role requires it, but is not so comfortable being personable on a movie.

She said: "I'm not prudish when it comes to nudity. If the role calls for nudity, then I'm going to be naked. I'm not afraid to expose myself that way.

"I'm much more worried about revealing personal sides to myself, which I find harder to do. The hardest thing to capture about love is the actual physical intimacy between two people."