Lara Stone

Lara Stone

Lara Stone thought she would live a "dull life".

The blonde model grew up in the rural village of Mierlo in Holland and after watching the people around her lead "normal" lives, she was convinced that would be her fate too.

She said: "As a kid in Holland I had a very normal life and I didn't know many options. Everybody in my village stayed there, did the same job their parents did, had dinner on the table by 5.30pm every night and had a bit of a dull life.

"I thought that would be me, too. Maybe I'd be a doctor or a teacher, find a nice husband and have kids. I never thought I'd go and live in Paris, and that I'd be a model on the side of a bus. It's been a great surprise."

Lara is currently expecting her first child with husband David Walliams, who she married in May 2010, and she doesn't believe in "forbidding" any foods during her pregnancy as she knows it will only make her want it more.

She added to Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "Lately I've been getting into yoga. I will definitely focus more on the gentle side of things when it comes to exercise.

"[As for cravings] I don't really believe in forbidding anything when it comes to food - I can get quite obsessive when I tell myself I can't have something!"