Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell hates doing her own hair.

The 42-year-old model was one of the iconic supermodels of the 1990s, along with Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington and she admitted they were so "spoiled" with fantastic hair and make-up artists that she now struggles to do her own hair.

She said: "I was dressed up every day, hair and makeup done. We were quite spoiled, really. I am truly not good at doing my own hair because we always worked with such great professionals."

While she is still enjoying a successful career, Naomi says British beauty Cara Delevigne is one of her favourite new models.

She counts the 20-year-old star as one of the best models working today, placing her in the same category as her friend Kate Moss.

She told People magazine: "I love Jourdan Dunn's face, beautiful, like a feline. I'm into Ajax, a lovely new girl Cara Delevigne and of course Kate Moss."