Stefano Pilati with Claudia Schiffer

Stefano Pilati with Claudia Schiffer

Stefano Pilati has no regrets about leaving Yves Saint Laurent.

The designer - who joined YSL as design director in 2000 after stints at Giorgio Armani, Prada and Miu Miu, and took over from the then-creative director Tom Ford in 2004 - parted ways with the company earlier this month and was replaced by Hedi Slimane but says he is content with how things have worked out.

Speaking during his appearance at the French Institute Alliance Francaise's annual 'Fashion Talks' series on Tuesday (27.03.12), he said: "I am really good. I am really happy, which is something very unusual for me in a sense that I never believed that it could have been possible to feel happy, at least under these kinds of circumstances.

"It's pretty beautiful what happened to me. I found myself working and being supported and encouraged by amazing people I always admired and still admire. I found myself at the end of this chapter and don't regret one minute.

"I find myself with this amazing experience. I want to use it for something that makes me feel that I am part of this moment and that helps me to continue.

Although he has not yet announced his future plans, Stefano insists he will return to fashion.

He said: "Unless I decide to stay on vacation for the rest of my life, I am pretty sure I have the energy and the knowledge at least to try to do something relevant, something that is part of what people need."