Vidal Sassoon died at age 84

Vidal Sassoon died at age 84


From humble roots grew the talent that would turn hairstyling into an art.

Born in 1928 in London’s Hammersmith, Vidal Sassoon had a difficult upbringing and spent six years of his young life in an orphanage after his father abandoned the family. At the age of 17, under the instruction of his mother, Vidal Sassoon pursued hairdressing.

He opened his first salon in 1958.

Sassoon had natural flair for the job he loved and was somewhat revolutionary in his field. His ‘wash-and-wear’ cuts liberated women as they refused to spend as much time on mere appearances, but could focus instead on the world of work.

He pushed new boundaries with his geometric cuts which he modestly described as:  “just creating shapes.”  However his ‘shapes’ were constructed with absolute precision and were sharp and striking. They merged with the bone structure of the client, giving the illusion of cheekbones to die for. He gave women options and they became eponymous to the era. 

Vidal Sassoon created a modern, fresh and exciting approach to hair and was famously referred to as the 'Chanel of hair' by fashion icon Mary Quant. He was the first ‘celebrity’ hairdresser and used his name as a brand to allow women to create the Sassoon look for themselves.

Sassoon weaved his magic on a host of famous names. He gave Mia Farrow her famous pixie crop and styled 60’s models Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy. He has also styled Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor.

The swinging sixties evoke images of creative hair, and Vidal Sassoon was a pioneer. Creator of the the bob, five point cut and a short but tousled perm known as the ‘Greek Goddess’, Sassoon was not just a hairdresser, but a visionary and an icon.