Face of Rimmel: Kate Moss

Face of Rimmel: Kate Moss

A new survey has revealed that a staggering 80% of us are not phased by the celebrity phenomena and their image would not make us buy the product the were selling.

Instead the poll, commission by Wahanda, the world's largest online health and beauty wellbeing site, found that 70% of the 1,700 lovely ladies asked would rather use online reviews and peer recommendations when buying new creams and treatments.

Commenting on the poll, Lopo Champalimaud, CEO of Wahanda said: "This shows the power of online reviews and forums and their reputation as a trustworthy source of information.

"People want to engage with like-minded people and sites like Wahanda provide this facility.  Furthermore, it gives users a feeling of belonging and wanting to share their own experiences to the benefit of others.

High on the wellbeing agenda, with 68% of people agreeing, is finding something to eliviate the stress from our lives. The majority (37%) like to turn to a massage to unwind and relax and 80% say that they would not be prepared to give up alcohol in their lives.

Whether it's wishful thinking or proven fact, most of us believe that changing our eating habits has a greater impact on improving our wellbeing than exercising. However, plenty of experts suggest that it's a healthy balance of both that achieves the best results in looking and feeling your best.

The poll has revealed that ladies love looking after their appearance. Plenty believe in the power of good hair days helping to build up confidence. The majority book an appointment to have their hair cut or coloured every nine weeks to heighten their positive appearance.

While hair cuts may be high on the agenda, hair removal is not so popular. Ladies opting for waxing and Brazilians is in the minority, only having it done two or three times a years only.

Between 10th and 16th October, Wahanda hosts 'Feel Gorgeous Week', a celebration of all things well being and dedicating seven days to making the nation look and feels its very best.

Let us know what you're favourite ways to look after yourself are...whether it's a favourite exercise technique, special meal or simply a soak in the bath, FemaleFirst would love to know.

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