Kylie Jenner has showcased yet another new haircut.

Kylie Jenner (c) Instagram

Kylie Jenner (c) Instagram

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star shared a video of her new short bob on picture sharing app Instagram over the weekend.

She wrote alongside the video: "thanks for the dope blunt haircut @priscillavalles (sic)"

However, it doesn't look like she will be keeping the style for very long as she later posted a throwback of her green hair, which she said will be making a "come back".

Hours later she wrote alongside a photo of her green locks: "green has been my favorite so far. Def making a come back in the next few weeks(sic)."

The change to her hair comes as Kylie previously shared she is unable to dye her hair back to it's natural colour.

She previously shared with her 11.7 million followers: "I really wanted to wear my natural hair but the front is so damaged now ... Should I stay black or go back to green or baby blue? ... I see a lot of baby blue (sic)"

The 18-year-old star clearly went against the idea of dying her hair baby blue and opted for staying black, and her ever-changing hair could soon go back to green.