men's fashion trends for the new year...Street grundge

men's fashion trends for the new year...Street grundge

There is a very urban feel to this year's fashion trend, can you see it? Plenty of skinny jeans and edgy, new lines and shapes. Some are calling it the U-Bahn trend and we can see why.

Full of dark shades, almost silhouette in style it is very underground and typical of the urban, city scene - fresh out of London or Berlin.

So guys if you fancy toughening up your image, reclaiming the forgotten era of the 70s punk or just experimenting to find your darker, smokier side then this look is definitely for you.

Strong shapes and lines are very in this season and what better than this chequed shirt with the perfect injection of primary colours.

´╗┐This shirt is very fashionable and ticks all the boxes when creating your perfect contemporary punk look.


These ripped black skinny jeans (right) are a must for any attitude fuelled outfit.

They would look great with a pair of chequed pumps, or even military style work boot. Pair them up with the shirt above and you can see the personality of the outfit starting to show. Very edgy!

Braces are very cool. They ooze fashion and are perfect with this experimental street look.

Again there is something nostalgic about this accessory, but stick them with either a shirt or plain or patterned Tee and you've made yourself a new look and great outfit.

There is something very sexy and mysterious, not to mention fashioable about a black trilby and this has been the case for many years of style.

This is the perfect top to the outfit and all your missing is a choice piece of jewellery and a nice heavy leather jacket and there you have it.

Guys, have a walk down a busy city scape scene in your new outfit and see how well you fit in!

FemaleFirst Jenna Fordie

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