New research in the UK has revealled 77% of British men prefer women with silicone implants compared to those with natural breasts citing, 'they look better' and'consider them a status symbol.'

men prefer silicone breasts

men prefer silicone breasts

Men in the UK have revealed in a new survey that they prefer women who have silicone implants to those with natural breasts, with a majority stating that 'breast implants look better than real breasts'. The study also found that a majority of men in the UK would pay for their partner to have silicone implants should they highlight an interest in the surgical procedure.

The survey, carried out by Voucher Codes Pro, polled a total of 2,486 men in the UK. All participants were currently in a relationship and were asked questions about their views on the female body in relation to cosmetic surgeries.

Initially, the survey asked respondents to disclose whether they preferred natural breasts or breasts with silicone implants. A majority of respondents (77%) told researchers that they preferred breasts with silicone implants, compared to only 23% of respondents who said that they preferred natural breasts.

Following on from this, those who previously stated that they preferred silicone implants were asked to state the reasons why. Researchers presented the respondents with a list of possible answers and asked them to state all that applied to them. The results were compiled to reveal the top 5 reasons as follows:

1. They are perkier and less droopy - 39%

2. I consider them a status symbol - 32%

3. I prefer how they feel when I touch them - 28%

4. It shows that a woman takes care of herself - 24%

5. The cleavage looks better in clothing- 18%

Next, all respondents were asked to reveal whether their current partner has silicon implants or natural breasts. A majority of respondents (82%) disclosed that their current partner has natural breasts, with the remaining 18% of respondents revealing that their partner has had a breast enlargement procedure.

Finally, all respondents were asked 'Would you pay for your partner to have silicone implants in their breasts?' to which a majority of 54% of respondents indicated that they would. 21% of respondents said they would part-fund the implants, whilst the remaining 25% of respondents insisted that they would not pay for their partner to have implants.

George Charles, spokesperson for, made the following comment on the results of the study:

"I have to say I am really surprised by these results. I think its interesting that although a majority of men say they prefer silicone implants, a majority of their partners do not have them. I think men should stop fantasising about the fake boobs they seen on screen and start appreciating their women and their true form."

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