Richard Nicoll and Josephine De La Baume wearing the dress he designed

Richard Nicoll and Josephine De La Baume wearing the dress he designed

Tell us about the Limited Edition dress you’ve created for the launch of Trop50, where did you get your inspiration from? Why did you want to get involved with this?

I designed the Richard Nicoll for Trop50 dress to celebrate the launch of Trop50, their new juice drink.*

This dress is one of our best selling shapes, it’s so versatile. It’s a perfect dress to showcase the vibrant print we designed for Trop50’s launch. It seemed a natural choice for this collaboration – bright, fun and orange.

*which contains 50% less sugar and calories than a regular fruit juice. 

This is obviously a very busy time for you in the run up to Fashion Week – what sort of preparations are your making at the moment? Are you at the point of fittings and such? What will be going on in the next couple of weeks?

In this last week before the show, we’re finalising the more complicated show pieces, styling looks, doing hair and make up tests, all the finishing touches that go into bringing the a collection together. It’s busy but it’s also a very rewarding time.



Can you give us any indication of the new collection? What inspired you for it? How are you feeling about the collection?

AW13 Women's will continue to offer a selection of modern uniforms. Expect luxury fabrics such as merino wool/cashmere suiting, angora knits, stylised fur, patent leather and exclusive jacquards in a collection of modern wardrobe staples. I love it! 

How do you survive Fashion Week? Are there any essentials you need?

Be tough and get on with it.

You’ve revealed plans for an eyewear line – how is that coming along? When can we expect to see or buy pieces?

I’m collaborating with Cutler and Gross for this upcoming season which is really exciting. We’ve offered eyewear in the past and intend to make it a bigger part of our collections season upon season.

You’ve also revealed plans for bags for A/W 13, will we see them at the show in February?

Our bags are very highly anticipated as they will involve patented technology which enables you to charge you phone within the handbag. It’s a long term project so they won’t be available this season but should be released within the year.

What about expansions into other accessories?

I’m always looking to expand our range and accessories are an important part of styling each new season. I also recently launched a new menswear line two seasons ago which has been a great success so for the moment I’m really focusing on growing this new addition to our brand. 

There have been plenty of designers who have decided to opt out of fashion week and do something a little more intimate and off the fashion calendar – what are your thoughts on this? Would it be something you would ever consider?

This time last year we showcased our AW12 women’s collection as an interactive presentation – the space was used as a photo-shoot set and guests could touch the garments, see them up close whilst the shoot was taking place. It was right for that season but following the fashion week ‘format’ is also very rewarding – it can be just as tailored and we’ve enjoyed such great and immediate reactions!

You’ve created a very well-known brand with plenty of different aspects – is there any else you would like your brand to design?

My designs are always intended to remain relevant in today’s modern lifestyles. Any other projects I take on will follow on in this lead. 

Any more Topshop collaborations we can look forward to?

We’ve got a few exciting collaborations planned this year. Watch this space!

Which other collections are you looking forward to seeing during Fashion Month?

Louise Gray, Christopher Kane ….

The Richard Nicoll for Trop50 dress is available from to celebrate the launch of Trop50, the delicious, new fruit juice drink that has 50% less calories than regular juice. All profits will be donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

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