Every household becomes football mad at some time or another, whether it’s ‘glory supporting’ the top premiership or world teams, or simply being fanatical about playing football at school and at the park. Football represents a fantastic way to encourage your children to follow something closely, be a part of a team, whilst getting some fresh air and getting fit. The fresh and getting fit points are very, very important, and speaking as parents – some of the best night’s sleep follow football matches!

Kids Football Bedroom

Kids Football Bedroom

To help your little one get to sleep, and enjoy their bedroom – we stock and supply a massive range of Football Bedroom Accessories & Bedding. This range includes everything anybody would ever need to create their dream football bedroom, and many products are suitable for all ages, from toddlers to teens. Below are some of our personal favourites, and some best sellers:

Football Pitch Rug


Starting with the floor, this football rug is one of our bestselling products and has received fantastic reviews from our customers. Its design, size and shape all reflect a football pitch, and it even has multiple shades of green representing a fully manicured football pitch. As well as providing a great surface covering for bedrooms and playrooms, this rug also finds itself doubling as a play mat! 

Footballer Night Light


As the darker nights draw in during the winter months, it’s much darker, much earlier and this can have an unsettling effect on children’s bedtimes. This Football Night Light is the perfect remedy for those dark evenings, and has four dimmer levels which span twelve different colours, it’s equally useful as either a lamp or a night light. It is controlled by a remote control, and has a sleep function so that your little on can drift on with it on, and wake up with it off! 

Football Curtains – Blue & Pencil Pleat


No Football bedroom would be complete without its very own set of Football Curtains. This blue set does the job perfectly, and combines an excellent design feature alongside a bedroom staple. Our customers recommend these curtains on grounds of quality and value for money, with the curtains featuring black and white, and green and white footballs. These curtains are also lined. 

Blue Football Bedding 


Unsurprisingly, bedding is one of our largest product types here at children’s rooms – and we stock hundreds of designs. Naturally, we have a large collection of football bedding too, some club specific, with others just concentrating on representing the beautiful game. One of our most popular bedding sets features crisp images of blue, green and white footballs side by side, in rows on a striped background which features the same colours. The world Football is written across the top of the cover, and matching pillowcases have a similar football pattern.  

Blue Football Bean Bag


Gaining five star reviews from our customers, this excellent seating option perfectly complements a football themed bedroom. As well as adding style to a room, this bean bag is also very comfy, and can be easily transported around the house to add extra seating at busy times (think Christmas!!)

At Children’s Rooms, we are proud to stock a fantastic range of Kids Football Bedroom products which include everything from rugs and bedding, to nightlights, lamps and wallpaper. Popular with both boys and girls of all ages, we offer quality products at excellent prices. Our aim is to allow you to either completely theme a room, or just accessorise a room in any given theme – at a brilliantly low price.

You can view our full range of Football Bedroom products here, and our full range of products using the link below: 


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