How much have you spent at a festival?

How much have you spent at a festival?

Though the summer months have not turned out as sunny as many would have hoped, it appears that nothing will keep Britons from attending music festivals. In light of this, the UK’s leading discount has conducted a study of 1,108 music festival goers across the UK, in a bid to discover how much money they spend on music festivals in a year. All respondents had attended at least one music festival in the past 12 months.

The study, conducted by, asked the respondents how many music festivals they visited, on average, in one year. According to the results, the average amount of music festivals the respondents attended each year was 3.7, with all results taken into account.

In a bid to investigate further, the respondents were asked to estimate how much money they spend on a ticket to one music festival; to which the average amount was £121.67. Subsequently, on average, music festival goers spend an average of £450.18 on music festival tickets per year.

Furthermore, the study found that the respondents spent an average of £203.97 whilst at a music festival on items such as food and alcohol; meaning that in the course of a year, music festival goers spent an average of £754.69 just eating and drinking whilst at music festivals.

Respondents were asked how much money they spent per festival on purchasing ‘supplies’, such as waterproofs, sleeping arrangements and toiletries. According to the results, respondents spend an average of £107.51 on supplies per festival. As the study found that on average festival-goers attend 3.7 music festivals a year, respondents spent an average of £397.79 a year on supplies alone.

In order to establish the amount of money music festival-goers spent in a year, the totals were added together and revealed that, on average, festival-goers spend an average of £1,602.66 attending music festivals in one year alone.

Speaking about the findings, Mark Pearson, Chairman of, said the following:

“The weather has been really depressing so far this year, but that hasn’t stopped avid music fans attending a vast variety of music festivals on offer, or buying tickets to those ones that are still to come.  This is why we wanted to conduct this study, we thought it would be interesting to see how much money is spent, per year, by those who travel the country visiting music festivals and listening to live bands. I have to say- the vast amount spent was pretty surprising!

“People can often forget about the additional costs involved in attending music festivals, as it isn’t as straight forward as simply buying a ticket and then turning up on the day. You need to buy equipment, food, drink and have spending money; and the costs soon add up. When planning to attend a music festival, I would certainly recommend popping online and having a search for any great deals out there. You never know, you could end up saving a bundle!” 

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