Are you saving this Christmas?

Are you saving this Christmas?

Saving money on unnecessary items is being stopped by Brits this year, as they cross off items from their shopping list to save some cash this Christmas

However, the research from Morrisons reveals that we're not skimping on the Noel necessities that make Christmas special.  

Getting to grips with their festive finances, nearly two thirds of Brits are cutting back on presents for friends and family. The great British public are also tightening their belts in other areas with one in five planning to cut back on the traditional Christmas tipple with another fifth cutting back on the obligatory Christmas treats such as chocolate boxes and biscuits to save money.

Festive Forgoes:

  1. Presents for friends and family (63 per cent)
  2. Travelling (24 per cent)
  3. Christmas & New Year drinks with work colleagues (21 per cent)
  4. Alcohol (20 per cent)
  5. Christmas treats such as biscuit tins, chocolate boxes etc. (20 per cent)

Even though times are tough, it seems that we haven’t lost any of our Christmas spirit with the nation refusing to skimp on the Noel necessities that make the festive season magical.

Noel Necessities:

  1. The traditional Christmas dinner (54 per cent)
  2. Christmas decorations / Christmas tree (42 per cent)
  3. Sending Christmas cards (34 per cent)

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “We recognise that families are having to tightening their belts this Christmas but we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the festivities, whatever their budget.  To help, we’re offering a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings that feeds a family of eight people for £2.49 per head.”

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