Forget the January blues - 2013 is going to be the year we celebrate life’s ‘little wins’. According to research from MoneySupermarket, three in five people in the UK say finding money they had forgotten they had would help them feel happy in January.

The research showed that discovering a £20 note in either an old pair of trousers or the pocket of a coat you have not worn for a while or discovering money you didn’t know you had topped the list of life’s little triumphs to be celebrated.

To watch how people celebrate their own ‘mini wins’ check out the video below.

With ‘mini wins’ on the top of everyone’s mind as 2013 rolls in, nearly a quarter of people said they would be most happy if they won a competition they had forgotten they entered and 15 per cent if their bank provided them with a healthy refund for incorrect fees or charges.

With the aftermath of an expensive festive season looming, over half of people surveyed (53 per cent) admitted to feeling the financial pinch in the early part of a new year.

68 per cent of 18-34 year olds said they feel negative about January either because they are living for their next pay day, worried about the debit/credit card bills piling in and/or can’t see the wood for the trees financially.

The research also revealed differences between the regions, with certain areas faring worse than others. 79 per cent of respondents in Northern Ireland, 62 per cent of residents in the North East and 60 per cent of consumers in the North West all scored well above the national average for levels of financial concern.

Unsurprisingly, beating the January blues is also a tough task for many people, with nearly half of UK adults (44 per cent) admitting to feeling more negative in January.

Clare Francis, consumer finance expert at MoneySupermarket said: “January can be a tough time for lots of people, so being able to save where you can is vital.

"Take the time to see what ‘mini wins’ you can make by reviewing your household bills and everyday spending. For example, by using the internet to compare the cost of your energy bill, you could save yourself up to £248* and it should take you less than 10 minutes.

“Similarly, if you have used a credit card over Christmas, and may be facing high interest charges, consider moving the debt to a zero per cent balance transfer card to give yourself time to clear the debt without paying unnecessary interest.

“Saving money feels great, so think about ways you can cut back on everyday expenditure. Do you need to buy that daily coffee on the way to work, or could you make a cup when you arrive? Also think about cancelling things like unused gym memberships and subscriptions you no longer use.

"The small savings all add up and can make you feel really good at the same time. Whether you’re ready to tackle 2013 head-on or you just want to hide under the covers until February, there is no doubt that everyone loves those unexpected financial victories that leave you feeling epic.”

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