Volkswagen Golf 1.2TSI

Volkswagen Golf 1.2TSI

Volkswagen are retailing a Golf family hatchback with a 1.2-litre engine.

The 1197cc power plant is one of the smallest to appear in the family car sector for a long time , Vauxhall have had a 1.2 in the Astra and the Corsa for a while.

This power plant though is a step forward as despite its micro capacity, it still puts out 85hp and an impressive 118lb/ft of pulling torque.

To achieve this VW have taken their 1.2 engine and turbo charged it to come up with the 1.2 TSI. The result is it not only makes it feel like a much larger engine but also makes it very fuel efficient. The  1.2TSI averages 51.4mpg while emitting just 129g/km of CO2.

It is quite competitive in the performance region: 0-60mph in 12.3 seconds and with a top end of 110mph.

Inside this Golf maintains the full 5-seat capacity of it's Golf brothers, and it comes in with a entry level in basic S trim from £15,150.

A more powerful 105hp version is also available, that’s almost as fuel efficient but nippier.

The new Golf engine further reinforces the growing downsize trend as the days of the 2.0-litre petrol engine seem to be disappearing into motoring folklore.

The phrase 'Its not the size that matters its how you use it that counts', something to tell your fella when he looks disparagingly at this mighty atom.

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