Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Until somebody invents a viable solar powered car or one that runs on fresh air the immediate future of the motor industry will bea constant battle to improve the efficiency and limit the damage on the environment. The boffins will beaver away behind the showroom facades improving the next generation clean propulsion technologies,

In the meantime models like fords focus Econetic are pushing the limited of what can be achieved with good old internal combustion engine.

The original version was quite effective with a combined fuel economy figure of 65mpg and a 115kk return of co2 but wasn’t especially  hi tech, using little more than a retuned engine, skinnier tyres and state of the art aerodynamics, not much to work with that in the battle to improve, in fact it the improvement over the standard 1.6ltr TDCi diesel model upon which it was based was negligable.

But the boffins have not been idle they have continued to work away and produced a much improved ECOnetic model which includes amongst other new features s start/stop system to cut the engine in traffic when not needed.

They have also included a regenerative braking function to capture energy that would otherwise be lost under deceleration or when coasting. Ford eco mode system - another eco friendly add on that can help the driver become a more efficient driver. The end result is  a co2 figure that can be as low as 99/km and a possible combined fuel economy figure of as much as 74.2mpg

The power plant is an advanced 1.6 litre TDCi diesel unit that’s been available on the Focus' big brother the Mondeo. It features gadgetry like a common-rail multi point fuel injection systems a variable geometry turbocharger a dual mass flywheel add to this a transient torque over boost function means it’s fairly close to the cutting edge for 1.6 litre 4 cylinder diesels.

The ford engineers haven’t altered the engine to produce the ECOnetic model so it’s the same as you’d get in a less green focus  giving a 109PS output and the eco friendliness of a diesel particulate filter

There’s a powerful 240 NM of torque at 1,750 rpm that rose to 260NM with the benefit of over boost, 0-60 mph sprint takes 10.9s with a top speed is 119mph.

It means there’s no straight line performance penalty for the green benefits the ECOnetic delivers.

The technical:
Ford focus ECOnetic
Prices £18,145 - £18,695 (est) on the road
Insurance group 7
Performance max speed 119mph / 0 -60 mph 10.9s
Fuel consumption Start/stop version (urban) 62.7 mpg (extra urban0 83.0 mpg (combined) 74.2 mpg
Will it fit in your garage (5dr hatch) length/width/height mm 4342/1840/1447

The ECOmetic is available as a five door or estate body style options and as in the previous model

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