With summer just around the corner, Vauxhall helps you make the most of the holiday season with its practical yet stylish accessories for both you and your car, designed by top fashion designer Giles Deacon.

Whether you’re planning a break in Cornwall, a romantic weekend for two in Dorset or simply heading out for the day, what’s for certain is that there’s no guarantee with the weather. Therefore it’s vital to protect yourself from the elements by equipping yourself with the latest umbrella and car sunscreen accessories designed by Giles, exclusively for Vauxhall.

The sophisticated, stylish umbrella with a jacquard fishnet print complements the eye-catching sunscreen with its comedy ‘his and hers’ dinosaur motif, inspired by one of Giles’ favourite toys, a remote controlled Tyrannosaurus Rex. Both items are set to be on the shopping list of those who not only want fashionable accessories for themselves but for their motors too, creating a stylised, driving frenzy across the nation this summer.

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