Vauxhall’s Vivaro has set a new fuel economy record, thanks to a charity drive by one of the company’s most valued customers.

Alan Philips, from Nottinghamshire based Morris Vermaport Limited, drove from John o’Groat’s to Land’s End to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, and achieved some remarkable results.

As well as raising over £1,000 for the charity, Philips achieved an amazing 55.35mpg and used less than one tank of fuel!

Not content with the 44mpg that was achieved in the RAC 2002 MPG Marathon in a Vivaro, Alan decided that he should push Vauxhall’s Luton-built van to the limit to get every mile possible out of the 90-litre tank. So after filling it to the brim, sealing the tank with masking tape, getting it signed to prevent tampering and zeroing the Vivaro’s trip, he set off on the journey to Cornwall.

Carefully measuring the fuel consumption for every bar on the fuel gauge Alan managed to use this method to determine the best speed and mpg, with a pair of jerry cans in the back just in case.

After two days on the road, Alan arrived at the end of the official 874 mile distance with fuel to spare.

He asked a member of the public to re-fuel the Vivaro. So after removing the masking tape from the sealed tank the ‘volunteer’ managed to get 69.89 litres of diesel in the tank, meaning Alan managed to achieve 55.35mpg and still have over two gallons of fuel to spare.

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