Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Behind every Disney Princess is a knight in shining armour. These Princes will stop at nothing to ensure their damsel in distress is safe from the terrors of evil stepmothers or unfortunate spells. So tell me again why I’m not a Disney Princess?

- Beast: Beauty and the Beast  

It took some work to win over the beautiful Belle, but even covered in hair from head to toe, Beast manages to remain a stud. An unfortunate curse is no match for true love; Beast’s true personality is able to shine through his outward appearance.

Belle and Beast’s relationship starts when the pair becomes friends, and Beast develops feeling for her after he realises everything he would do to save her. Beast proves that love goes far beyond looks, and this remains one of the most classic love stories to date.

- Prince Charming: Cinderella  

Life before royalty wasn’t so easy for Cinderella. Her inner circle was made up of a few house mice and birds and she spent every waking hour cleaning up after her evil stepmother and bratty stepsisters.

After meeting her at the ball designated to find the future princess of the kingdom, Prince Charming fell so in love with Cinderella that he stopped at nothing to find her true identity and ask her for her hand in marriage.

The glass slipper Cinderella accidentally left behind was the only clue Prince Charming had of her existence, and Prince Charming was willing to test everyone in the kingdom’s shoe size until he was reunited with his dream girl.

- Prince Philip: Sleeping Beauty  

Prince Philip makes it look like other princes get off easy. Initially he has to convince his father that his is in love with a peasant, not Princess Aurora to whom he is engaged, which was an essentially pointless battle considering they are the same person, but hindsight is 20/20, right?

Then, the love of his life pricks herself on an enchanted needle and falls into an enchanted sleep that only Prince Philip can break, he gets kidnapped, locked in prison, has to escape a castle covered in thorns, and attacked by a dragon.

Prince Philip is not only dreamy enough to conquer all of these obstacles, but he also pulls it together to kiss Princess Aurora to save her from her eternal slumber.  Talk about happily ever after.

- Prince Ali Abawa: Aladdin  

Aladdin is an unconventional prince, which posed some problems when it came to his love life.

Although he was born a street rat, with the help of his friend genie and Aladdin is able to pursue his undying love for Princess Jasmine with his first wish, to become Prince Ali.

Jasmine dismisses Prince Ali as a suitor, but he is able to win her over with magic carpet rides through the city.


Aladdin is not able to keep his stint up for long, and Jasmine feels betrayed when she learns the truth about him Aladdin does not want to be a prince for any reason other than his love of a certain princess.

- Prince Naveen: Princess and The Frog  

Prince Naveen was more of a playboy than a desirable bachelor at the start of this newer Disney flick, but as he begins to learn the power of responsibility thanks to Tiana, he defines expectations and learns how to treat a lady.

Naveen made the foolish decision to consult a voodoo doctor so that he could marry Charlotte for her father’s wealth. The plan backfired, Naveen was turned into a frog and his friend Lawrence took on his appearance.

Unfortunately for Tiana, kissing a frog in hopes he would turn into a prince went terribly, terribly wrong.

Not only did her frog prince remain the same slimy green amphibian post kiss, but Tiana turned into a frog as well! Prince Naveen learns that love overpowers all, and if being a frog for the rest of his life is the only way he can be with Tia, so be it.  

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