Ben Affleck is the toast of Hollywood at the moment after delivering another fantastic movie in the form of Argo.

To celebrate the release of the movie this week we have been looking at some of the best movie performances - both in front of and behind the camera - from Affleck over the years.

And today we take a look at the 1999 movie Dogma.

The movie was written and directed by Kevin Smith and brought together an ensemble cast of Affleck, Matt Damon, Linda Florentino, Salma Hayek and Jason Lee.

The movie came two years after the Oscar success of Good Will Hunting and it was great to see Affleck and Damon uniting again.

The pair have a real chemistry on screen and it is this that really pushes the movie forward - as well as Smith's trademark humour.

They breath life into their characters and really do have fun with them and it showed that both Affleck and Damon have comic flair - shame haven't seen it more often.

This is a movie that is a bit of a risk, which is right up Smith's street, as it does question religion but does so in a humours way.

Many will argue that Dogma could have been a movie to open up an intelligent debate about religion but this is about poking fun and having a laugh doing it.

Dogma was more of an ensemble cast piece rather than one actor standing out but Affleck delivered a very strong performance that showed off another side to him as an actor.

After showing he had flair a writer and as an action hero in Armageddon this movie showed that he also had a comic ability and by this time his career really was on the rise.

Argo is out now

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