Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

We have taken a look at some of the best actors and actresses that have graced the big screen so far this year but a movie is nothing without a director at the helm.

So we are going to countdown the top three directors of 2012 and we kick off at number three with Ben Affleck.

Over the last few years Affleck has resurrected his career to not only show that he is a great leading man but that he is also a real force behind the camera.

He kicked off his directing career with Gone Baby Gone before following it up with The Town - both of which were fantastic movies that caught everyone’s attention and brought him critical acclaim.

And that success continued this year with the release of Argo - his third outing as director and his first film since The Town.

Argo is based on a true story that follows a mission by the CIA to get a group of American out of Iran during the uprising in 1979.

Affleck is going from strength to strength as a filmmaker and he has proved with this movie that he is a real force behind the camera with this movie.

He effortlessly blends political intrigue, drama, action and comedy and strikes the perfect balance between all of these different movie genres.

Argo really is an old school suspense movie of the highest order as this is a movie that is about outwitting the enemy rather than blowing their head off - which makes for much more interesting and tense watch.

Affleck notches up the tension frame by frame as the movie picks up pace culminating in a great climax.

The movie has already picked up a handful of Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture and Bes Director for Affleck and it is set to be a major contender on the award’s circuit.

The move has also been tipped to bag some Oscar nominations and Affleck could find himself battling it out for the Best Director prize at the beginning of the year - and he is in with a real shout of winning.

In 2013 Affleck is going to be concentrating on his acting as he is set to star in To The Wonder - which is the new movie from filmmaker Terrence Malick.

He has also completed work on Runner, Runner and will shoot Focus, which will see him team up with Kristen Stewart.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait to long before we see Affleck back in the director’s chair again as it seems to be where he really thrives and excels.

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