Dead Man Running

Dead Man Running

Fresh out of jail and flat broke, Nick (Tamer Hassan) is ready to wipe the slate clean and go legit. With hisbeloved mum (Brenda Blethyn) now in a wheelchair and his long-suffering girlfriend Frankie (Monet Mazur)struggling to make ends meet, Nick borrowed £100,000 from notorious gangster and loan shark, Mr Thigo(Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson).

The plan?

To set up a travel agency with best mate, Bing (Danny Dyer), and go legit once and for all.

The problem?

No one banked on the global recession. Suddenly, everyone wants their money back. Suddenly, no
one can wait.

Enraged by his deteriorating profits and punters who can’t pay, Mr. Thigo decides to take matters in to his own hands.

It’s time to go old school and send his late-payers a message they’ll never forget. It’s time to make a savage example out of someone.

Unfortunately for our man Nick, that someone is him. The deal is simple: pay
back the £100,000 in 24 hours or he will be a Dead Man Running.

With Mr. Thigo’s men holding mum hostage in her own home and the clock ticking fast, Nick and Bing embark on a frantic mission to get the money together by any and all means necessary.

Over the next 24 hours, Nick must battle his own conscience and the most vicious thugs from the mean streets of both sides of the Atlantic, before finally going head-to-head with Mr. Thigo himself.

But how far is he really prepared to go to save himself and his family? And can he survive long enough? Only time will tell...

Starring: Tamer Hassan, 50 Cent, Danny Dyer, Brenda Blethyn, Ashley Walters, Omid Djalili.

Dead Man Running is released 30th October.