The eighties was another decade that had iconic movies and characters as well as movies that have endured over the years.

So we are taking a look back over some of the films that really defined this great decade.

- E.T.

Steven Spielberg has made his mark in ever decade that he has been in the business and the eighties was no different as be brought us E.T.

Released back in 1982 the movie has celebrated it's thirtieth anniversary this year and yet it remains one of the greatest children's movie of all time - they seriously don't make them like this anymore.

Of course this movie is widely regarded as a sci-fi classic but at this film's heart is a movie about friendship, acceptance and innocence.

No film in this genre have had the emotion and the heart that Spielberg wove into this film - it is as emotional and poignant today as it was thirty years ago.

- The Breakfast Club

The eighties saw the birth of the teen movie as The Breakfast Club hit the big screen back in 1985.

John Hughes was behind the camera and he used the movie to look at the issues and the problems that were facing the teenagers of that time.

The Breakfast Club was a movie that really engaged that generation when it was released - not to mention it introduced us to the Brat Pack for the first time.

This is one of the very few teen movies that has endured as the film tackled issues that are still very relevant today.

- The Goonies

The Goonies is one of my favourite movies of all time and, much like E.T., it remains one of the best children's movies.

Directed by Richard Donner and exec produced by Steven Spielberg this is one of the most charming and fun movies of the decade.

This movie delivers a powerful message of the strength of family and friendship and what lengths we will go to protect those we care about most.

But at the heart of this movie is childhood innocence and the willingness to believe that stories of pirates and lost treasure could be true - something that we can all relate to.

- The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back was one of the movies was not to be missed in the eighties as George Lucas' epic trilogy continued.

Directed by Irvin Kershner the movie was set three years after the first movie and saw Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher all return to their roles.

Surprisingly it was met with mixed reviews when it was released but over the years the movie has become one of the most popular movies in the series.

The movie however was a box office smash as fans of the series flocked to cinemas to catch up with the latest instalment.

- Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The eighties was a fantastic decade for actor Harrison Ford as he had two mammoth franchises under his belt - Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was released back in 1981 and saw Ford take on the role of Jones for the very first time - and many would argue that this first movie is the best.

The movie had one of the best opening sequences of all time as we are introduced to Indy for the first time as he is doing what he does best.

But what is so great about Indy is he is an Everyman, a teacher who is always tempted to take on a challenge for the love of what he might discover.

Ford went on to star in three more movies and Indiana Jones is one of the greatest characters in cinema history.

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