Jacki Weaver

Jacki Weaver

Actress: Jacki Weaver

Age: 63

Role: Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody in Animal Kingdom

Synopsis: A high quality powerful psychological crime drama Animal Kingdom is a story about the battle between Melbourne's underworld and the police.

The film tracks seventeen year old Joshua J Cody, a troubled kid perilously caught between his own criminal family and Detective Leckie (Pierce) a compromising cop who thinks he can save him.

J comes to realise that in order to survive he must write his own rule book, he must determine how the game is played; he must somehow choose his place in the cunning and brutal animal kingdom.

Previous Golden Globe Wins: Weaver has never won a Golden Globe

Previous Golden Globe Nominations: This is her first Golden Globe nomination.

Awards For Role: She has won Best Supporting Actress at the National Board of Review, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, San Francisco Film Critics Circle Awards.

Critics: “As gritty as they come, another Aussie crime action thriller with great performances and good social commentary as well.” - Monsters and Critics

“Animal Kingdom is a lean, patient crime thriller about one kid's transition from prey to predator.” - Dallas Morning News

“Step up for a pulverizing Aussie crime drama that cuts to the dark heart of the killing machine known as family.” - Rolling Stone

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