A crew of people, a prominent target and a strategic plan- all aspects needed to qualify as a heist. Putting these aspects on screen has created some of the most memorable films in the heist genre.

Headhunters is released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 13th, and as we look forward to watching its new take in the heist formula - and its different, dark and often comical nature- we’ve been inspired to look at other unforgettable movie robberies.

- Quick Change (1990)

Bill Murray shows how dangerous a clown can be in one of the top heist movies ever. He stars as Grimm, a grumpy New Yorker who plots a heist on a bank with the help of two accomplices.

Although the heist goes smoothly, stealing the money is only part of the job. When the three robbers attempt to make their escape from New York City, things start to spiral in a very bad direction for them.

- Point Break (1991)

One of the most important things in making a heist successful is having a captivating leader. Patrick Swayze stars as Bodhi, who seems just an ordinary surfer, when really he’s the leader of the Ex-Presidents gang-- a crew of felons who rob banks wearing Nixon, Reagan and Carter masks.

Keanu Reeves stars as a rookie FBI Agent who goes undercover to catch the robbers, but as he gets drawn in by Bodhi’s charismatic personality, he has to make the decision of a life time.

- Heat (1995)

With one of the greatest shootout scenes in film, Heat sets the bar for robbery, shootout and escape scenes in the heist genre.

Robert De Niro stars as a successful thief, who is considering leaving the business for good after one last heist, while Al Pacino stars as a compulsive cop who desperately wants to lock De Niro up before he does.

De Niro and Pacino both know a heist is being conspired, as each man keeps a close watch on the other.

- Entrapment (1999)

Sean Connery stars as an international art thief, while Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as an insurance investigator sent to question him about stealing a Rembrandt painting from an office.

She persuades him with a plan to steal a Chinese mask from a heavily secured palace. After they successfully steal the mask, Connery accuses her of plotting to turn him in-- until she informs him of yet another heist for the duo to plot.

- Heist (2001)

Gene Hackman stars as Joe Moore, a renowned jewel thief whose life and career become endangered when he's caught on security cameras.

He finds out that his fence, Bergman, breaks his word on the money he's owed and his wife may be cheating on him with the fence's nephew.

As Moore and his crew are left broke, betrayed and blackmailed, they are forced to do Bergman's last big heist for the payday of a lifetime.

- Oceans 11 (2001)

Using some of the best looking stars, a bit of humour and a well-thought out plan, perfectly exemplifies the modern heist genre.

George Clooney stars as Danny Ocean; an ex-con who gets out of jail and instantly puts together an ultimate crew of ten men.

As each of the members specializes in something different, they strategically plan a heist on a casino that's run by an oblivious CEO dating Ocean’s ex-wife.

- The Italian Job (2003)

In Venice, Italy, Mark Wahlberg stars as a team leader of expert thieves as they pull off a daring heist and steal 35 million dollars worth of gold from underneath the noses of the Italian Police and the Mafia.

One of the thieves betrays his team and takes the gold for himself. A year later, in Los Angeles, the crew create a smart and scheming heist to get back the gold and get their revenge on the traitor.

- Inside Man (2006)

Dressed in painter outfits, Dalton Russell’s crew enters a bank and within seconds, they put the bank under a strategically planned heist as they disable the surveillance cameras and take everyone hostage.

The NYPD detectives arrive on the scene to contact Russell and ensure the safety of the hostages. However, things don’t go as planned as Russell’s perfect bank robbery leaves the hostages and authorities dumbfounded.

- The Bank Job (2008)

Inspired by the infamous 1971 London bank robbery, the plot twists keep an intriguing edge throughout the film.

As a struggling car dealer with a wife and kids to take care of, Terry Leather is constantly worrying about money. When Martine, a model from his old neighbourhood, tells him of a flawless heist plan, he takes the risky chance of a life time and robs the bank.

What Terry doesn’t realise is that Martine has an ulterior motive-- one that is much bigger than anything he or his crew could imagine.

- The Town (2010)

This film brings some of most thrilling robbery scenes in film history. While sometimes dressing up in the infamous nun costumes- Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner star as two childhood friends who pull off armed heists for a dangerous mobster.

When Affleck’s character starts to build a relationship with one of his robbery victims, things begin to get complicated for the crew as they set out to execute the ultimate robbery.

- Inception (2010)

Built like a classic heist film- the crew, the plot and the execution- but having it all happen inside the subconscious mind adds an entirely different twist to the genre.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Dom Cobb, an expert in raiding the minds of his targets while they sleep to steal their secrets. When he is assigned to plant a thought instead of steal one, the difficult heist skyrockets to a whole new level.

- Headhunters (2011)

Roger Brown seemingly has it all; until the discovery that his life is based on a lie. He is a well-known headhunter with a pretty wife, gigantic mansion and everything else he could ever want.

However, his biggest secret revolves around maintaining this lavish lifestyle-- as an art thief. And when his finances hit rock bottom, he attempts to pull off his biggest art heist yet; which transpires chilling secrets, backstabbing and murder.

Find out how Roger gets on in Headhunters, on Blu-ray and DVD August 13th.

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