A thrilling and intelligent combination of the war movie and spy thriller genres, JOY DIVISION is the debut feature by writer-director Reg Traviss and stars rising young British actor Ed Stoppard (The Pianist) alongside Bernard Hill (The Lord Of The Rings), Michelle Gayle (Eastenders; Grange Hill) and celebrated German actor Tom Schilling (Atomised).From the burning cities of East Germany during World War II to swinging 60s-era, JOY DIVISION tells a compelling story of memory, identity and trust as we follow one young man in search of love and freedom.It is the last days of World War II and Thomas, a German teenager, is forced into joining the battle against the advancing Red Army. During the ensuing chaos he loses touch with his first love, Melanie, but meets Astrid, a determined survivor, and with her joins the vast exodus of refugees fleeing westwards.A cruel twist of fate sees Thomas captured by the Russians and spirited off behind the Iron Curtain.Seventeen years later, Thomas is a graduate from an elite Soviet school and is recruited by the KGB and sent to London to infiltrate a Soviet spy ring, which has aroused the suspicion of Thomas's superiors.

Whilst leading a double life as a spy, Thomas meets and falls for Yvonne, a young artist who reawakens his suppressed passion for life.

But international espionage proves to be the deadliest of games and, once again, Thomas must face the question of whether or not he should stand and fight or run for his life.Joy Division

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